Configuring CRMery Settings

Setting the Time Format

After creating your CRMery users, click on “CRMery Settings”. Here you can adjust your Time Format, Currency, IMAP email configuration and more. Note: "Time Zone" settings may be edited on the Front-end via your CRMery profile page. For the time format, you may choose a standard 12 hour or 24 hour (military time) format such as 19:30. In addition, the "Time Format" setting automatically sets all new users to use a 12 or 24 hour format depending on which option was chosen. However, a user may change their time format at any time by editing their profile settings.

Adjusting Display Settings

In this section, you may adjust your “Display” settings such as "Disable CRMery Bootstrap CSS", “Force Fullscreen”, “Show Help Link” and “Customize the Help Link”. The Disable CRMery Bootstrap CSS checkbox is used if your theme supports standard Bootstrap styling. As such, if you experience styling issues, try toggling the Bootstrap checkbox and saving the config. In addition, if you wish to make full use of and maximize the viewing area of CRMery on your monitor or screen, it is recommended to check the "Force Fullscreen" box. Otherwise, if the "Force Fullscreen" box is left unchecked (no matter how large the web browser is widened or resized) the size of the CRMery dashboard would never get much larger than a standard sized piece of printer paper. As for the "Show Help Link", check the box if you wish to display the help link on the CRMery toolbar. Otherwise, leave it unchecked. The "Customize Help Link" field is the URL / web address of the help link. By default this is set to

Setting the Currency Type

In this section, you can either keep the default currency of U.S. Dollars ($) or change it to whatever currency your country uses by typing the correct symbol.

Configuring Email Settings

By BCC (sent mail) or forwarding (sent / received) emails to the account that is defined in this section, CRMery can automatically check your inbox and associate all messages with a lead, contact, deal or company. After the message is associated, it will be attached as a note to your CRMery contact. In addition, CRMery can handle documents. Whenever an email is BCC to your CRMery email address, CRMery will save a copy of the attachment as a document and assign it to the correct contact or lead. That said, in this section, you can configure the username, password, port, and service type for your CRMery email settings.


Host - is the host of the email account (ex:

User - is the username of the email account

Pass - is the password of the email account

Port - is the port number of the service.

Service - select either IMAP or POP3 from the dropdown.

Language / Vocabulary Settings

In this section you can either keep the default language settings for the words below or customize them with your own words.


Welcome Message - this is the message that will be displayed next to a logged in user's name

I call a Deal - ex: a deal, potential, or agreement

I call a Person - ex: a person, donor, or individual

I call a Company - ex: a company, account, or group

I call a Contact - ex: a contact, member, or user

I call a Lead - ex: a lead, prospect, or guest

I call a Task - ex: a task, todo, or assignment

I call an Event - ex: a event, appointment, or meetup

I call a Goal - ex: a goal, objective, or milestone

I call a Owner - ex: a owner

Enabling the Help Wizard

In this section, you can either disable or enable the CRMery configuration help wizard (which allows you to display the help text on the CRMery admin panel).

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