CRMery Profile

At the top of the CRMery Dashboard, navigate to the CRMery menu and click "Profile". This will take you to your CRMery Profile page. On the CRMery profile page, you may edit personal info, date and time settings, add additional email addresses, set email preferences and reminders, set a preferred home page chart, set your commission rate, and edit document email settings.

If you click, "Edit personal Info" you may change your first and last name.

If you click, "Edit Date and Time Settings" you may change your timezone settings to anywhere in the world that you wish to set it. In addition, you may also change the date format from a (Month / Day / Year) to (Day / Month / Year). As for the "Time Format" you may change between a 12 hour time format such as 10 am, 11 am, 12 pm, 1 pm by selecting the option "7:30 pm". Alternatively, you may also use military or a 24 hour time format such as 17, 18, 19, 20, etc by selecting the option "19:30".

If you click "User Inbox with Multiple Email Addresses" you may add additional e-mail addresses to your CRMery profile. This is important to do because if you cc or forward email addresses from another email address that is not listed in this section, CRMery will prevent it by flagging it as Spam. Note: the "Primary" email address is the address that is attached or linked to your Joomla account. That said, you are not able to change the "Primary" email address from the CRMery profile page. Instead, you may only change it (if using the front-end) from the Joomla Profile page as mentioned previously. To add more than two email addresses to your profile, click the "Add Another Email" link.

If you click "Set Email Preferences and Reminders" you may check a box which will allow CRMery to send you a daily email every morning about your and your team's activity from the prior day. The e-mail will be sent out around 4:00 am ET every day.

If you click "Set Home Page Chart" (by clicking the dropdown arrow), a menu will appear where you can change the chart that appears on your CRMery Dashboard when you first login. The available chart options are: "Deals by Status Pie Chart", "Deals by Status Bar Chart", "Deals by Stage Pie Chart", "Deals by Stage Bar Chart", "Year-to-date Commissions", "Commissions This Month", "Year-to-date Revenue", and "Revenue This Month".

If you click "Set your commission rate for won deals" you may put in your percentage rate for Won deals.

If you click "Document Email Settings" you can define which documents should be excluded when download emails and attachments from your inbox. This will be the name of the file as you have added it to your signature.

If you click User API & Calendar URL, you may copy your calendar URL and add that as an iCal feed to Google Calendar etc. Note: the text in the screenshot would be replaced with the domain name of your site and with the correct font and size.

Note: Within the screenshot, you will see that the API key is blank / missing. If the API key is blank on your CRMery profile page, it means that your website started using CRMery before the iCal feature was implemented. This issue will occur even if the old version of CRMery was updated to the latest version. When this occurs, it does not affect newly created CRMery users. Instead, this issue will only occur for CRMery users that had been created prior to the iCal update.

That said, the work around (for those who are missing their API key) is to have a person with access to the website's Joomla Administration, login to the Joomla Administration. Then, the Administrator needs to navigate to Components … CRMery … Users … take notes of the user’s settings … then temporarily delete the user that does not have the api key. Then re-add the deleted CRMery user with the data that was there pre-delete. This will assign an api key. CRMery data will NOT be lost via this method. This simply unpublished your existing CRMery user. When the user is re-added to CRMery, the CRMery user will be republished with the updated user settings as well as assigned an api key.<.p>

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