How to Create a CRMery User

Pre-Setup (Adding Joomla Users)

Note: To create or add any user to the CRMery dashboard, the user must already have been created as a Joomla CMS user.

To create one or more Joomla CMS Users, navigate to the “Users” … “User Manager” … “Add New User” menu item. After creating your users in the Joomla CMS, navigate back to Components … CRMery. Then (under the CRMery dashboard) select “Users”.

For purpose of “User Access”, there are three types of users in CRMery. (Executive, Manager, and Basic User). Executive users have the ability to view deals, contacts and leads system-wide. There are no restrictions on Executive users. Managers have the ability to view deals, contacts and leads that have been assigned to them or that they have created as well as anyone in their team. Basic Users can only see deals, contacts, and leads that have been assigned to them or that they have created.

Note: for a detailed Pre-Setup guide with pictures please read the "Download, Installation, & Setup Guide" (the Pre-Setup & Adding Users to CRMery sections). This section is meant only as a quick review.

Adding Users to CRMery

After clicking the “New” button, you may match up an existing Joomla user with their assigned “User Access” roles in CRMery. To do this, click the blue button and select the name of the Joomla user that you wish to add. To assign a “Member Role” (such as Executive, Manager, or Basic), click the down arrow. Then, select the applicable checkboxes, team name, color etc. that applies to said user. Save and repeat these instructions as necessary to create additional CRMery users.

Note: Regarding the "Team Access" checkbox (not pictured within the screenshot), please leave this checkbox as unchecked. The reason that this feature is recommended to be disabled / unchecked is because the "Team Access" feature has not been fully developed and is known to cause issues if enabled such as "unauthorized" errors when attempting to view data as certain user types. That said, if Team Access was enabled for any of your users, please log into your Joomla Administration ... Components ... CRMery ... Users. Please view / edit all CRMery users and ensure that the "Team Access" box is NOT checked. If the box is checked, please UNCHECK it ... then be sure to save the changes for each CRMery user affected.

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