Creating the CRMery Dashboard Menu Item

To create a menu item to the CRMery dashboard, please follow these steps:

1) Navigate to the back-end / control panel of your Joomla website.

2) Click on "Menus".

3) Hover your mouse over "Main Menu" and click "Add New Menu Item".

4) Within the "Menu manager: New Menu Item" page, click the "Select" button.

5) After clicking the select button, a new box will pop up with a list of the different types of menu items Joomla can create.

6) Within the box, click "CRMery" to expand the list of CRMery menu items.

7) Under the options for CRMery, click "Dashboard".

8) After clicking "Dashboard" you will be returned to the "Menu Manager: New Menu Item" page.

9) click within the text field labeled "Menu Title" and enter the name / title of your CRMery menu item. You may use any name that you wish so long as you may identify it. For purpose of this tutorial, the name "CRMery Dashboard" was used.

10) After you have finished, click the "Save & Close" button. Note: there are more advanced menu options within Joomla. However, for a quick initial setup and purpose of this tutorial, they are not needed at this time.

11) After clicking "Save & Close" you will be redirected to the "Menu Manager" page where you will receive a confirmation that the Menu item has saved.

12) After the menu item has been created, please navigate to the front end / home page of your website.

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