Using the Form Wizard

The “Form Wizard” section allows you to create new forms for CRMery.

To create a form

1) Navigate to Components ... CRMery ... Form Wizard. 
2) Click the new button to create a new form 
3) Select the type of form, lead or contact 
4) Type the name of the form 
5) Type the description (this step is optional) 
6) Click the select fields button and within the select fields box, click and place a checkmark besides each field that you wish to appear for the form. 
7) Once finished selecting your fields, click the close button on the select fields box. 
8) Enter your return URL / web address that you wish CRMery to redirect to after successfully submitting the form (example: some set this to the home page of their site)
9) For Owner, start typing the name of the CRMery user who will become the owner of the form's content / data upon submission
10) Select the Status, if there is one. This step is optional
11) Select the Source, if there is one. This step is optional
12) Once finished with steps 1-9, click withing the HTML field / box, and copy the CRMery form code
13) After copying the CRMery form code, you may then take the code that was generated by the CRMery form wizard, copy it and place it within your website.
14) To place the CRMery form code (that you copied in step 12) within a Joomla article, navigate to the Joomla Administration and create a new article. Click the toggle editor button, and paste the form code within the Joomla article.

Note: After pasting the code, we recommend NOT clicking the toggle editor button a second time. Some Joomla editors will strip out code from the article if it detects it. Instead, click Save & Close

13) For a Joomla article to show up on your site, we recommend creating a Joomla menu link to the article. This will make it easy to access and view your Joomla article such that either you or a visitor to your website can fill out the CRMery form and contact details (example: first name, last name, email address etc).
14) When a user submits data for the CRMery form on your site, the data will show up in the CRMery user's account / owner that was defined in step 9


Type - is the type or kind of form such as a lead or contact.

Name - is the name or title of the form.

Description - is a summary of the form.

Select Fields - are the types of fields you wish to create such as name, address, city, social networking fields etc.

Return URL - is the url or web address to be redirected to after a successful completion of the form.

Owner - is the owner of the form and any submisions to the form. You may choose the owner by typing the name of an existing CRMery user. After selecting the name, the name will be replaced by the CRMery user id number.

Status - this is a hidden form field for assigning a "People Status" to the form. You may select any default status value or choose any custom ones that you have created. The "Status" is the state of the relationship with the person such as Hot, Warm, Follow-up, Cold, etc.

Source - this is a hidden form field for assigning a "Source" to the form. You may select any default source value as well as any custom ones that you have created. The "Source” helps you track the return on investment for marketing, advertising, and other sources

HTML - is the html code for the custom form.

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