Editing the CRMery Menu

Within the CRMery "Menu” section, you may customize the appearance or invisibility of CRMery menu items such as the CRMery Dashboard, Deals, People, Companies, Calendar, Documents, Goals, and Reports sections. This also acts as a way to enable or disable a particular feature. Alternatively, you may also create Joomla menu links to specific areas of CRMery and then un-publish one or more of the menu items below.


Dashboard - is an overview of all of your CRMery activities, including "Tasks & Events", "Recently Accessed Deals", "Latest Activities", "Inbox", and the "My Sales Dashboard". In addition, from here you may navigate to other parts of the CRMery Dashboard as well as start creating new content such as importing content or adding New "Companies", "Persons", "Deals", "Goals", "Tasks", and "Events".

Deals - is an overview of all of your deals. From here you may "Import Deals", "Add Deals", View, Filter, and Find your deals.

People - is an overview of all of your people. From here you may "Import People", "Add a Person", View, Filter, and Find people.

Companies - is an overview of all of your companies. From here you may "Import Companies", "Add a Company", View, Filter, and Find companies.

Calendar - is a way to keep track of and view all of your due dates for your tasks and events

Documents - is an overview or list of all the CRMery documents that you have created, own or that have been shared with you

Goals - is an overview of all of your goals as well as your progress towards completing them.

Reports - is an overview that allows you to view or create reports that can keep track of progress made on deals, sources, return on investment, milestones etc.

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