Customer Relations Management can sound tricky or difficult. Even the name can be somewhat confusing. In a typical business there are specific processes and methods necessary to keep things organized and keep the business running smoothly. As businesses grow the reasons behind those processes can become less and less obvious. What happens next is a typical course of events.

Employees begin to change things. They do things the way that makes sense to them and they neglect to follow those methods that were originally meant to be followed. Why do they change? Well, there are many reasons, but most of the time employees change because they want to do what is easiest for them, or what makes the most sense for their particular job. And while this is not necessarily in and of itself a bad thing, the results can be devastating to the business as a whole. Over time your sales team changes, employees leave and new employees are hired. They must now learn the system that has been written, re-written, and customized by the salesperson before them. And now your business has a problem.

How is this handled best? I would suggest, the best way to make sure that your processes and methods are simple to understand, flexible to change, and intuitive to use. This is where my original question comes into play. If your CRM is too hard, too convoluted, or too difficult to utilize then it will quickly be replaced by individual users looking for something better or more suited to their needs. Your CRM needs to be simple and yet powerful, intuitive to navigate and incredibly easy to learn. By lowering the learning curve involved with training new salespeople on your CRM you demonstrate the benefits of the methods you’ve long since established as best practice for your business. This will encourage widespread use of your centralized CRM and you will be well on your way to an organized, and well-run business.


Be sure that your CRM choices and other business choices are a benefit to the productivity of your employees and your business will be better for it.

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