Change is an interesting thing. Some people love change, others hate even the idea of change. In the world of software development and coding change is inevitable. New versions of coding frameworks are continually being released and as a result an extension developer has to continue to change their code to match.

We are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology and trends, however, we hold to a fundamental belief. We will change our code, not simply for the sake of change, but because the change will make our code and our product better. If a change does not improve our service and make our client's business run better - it's not an upgrade. This concept that every change is an upgrade is a common misconception.

A change is only an upgrade if it improves upon some aspect of the product or in some way makes the extension better. That being said, our clients are one of our biggest driving forces. We listen to those changes that our clients want and incorporate them. We put a good bit of thought into each change and a lot of time into the features we incorporate in each release.

Another thing we always look to consider when making a change is how it effects our clients. If a new feature is controversial then we make sure our clients are aware of it and preparing for it. A recent announcement from Google displayed just the opposite. They made an incredibly large announcement that affected an enormous user base and with no forewarning or seeming no concern announced a game-changing business move that will devastate tens of thousands of small businesses and takes immediate effect. We watch Google's decision from the other side and as a result we renew our commitment to our clients. We care about the small businesses and we care about how our changes affect them. Want to see just how committed we are? Join today and find out for yourself!

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